Van Zijll

We supply the machines and equipment to manufacture a range of dairy products

New Website​

Welcome to the website of our company L.A. van Zijll Dairy Tools.
Our website has been updated and adapted so that it is now available to look at in any computer format. With this new website we strive to inform you about all the products we manuafacture and deliver.

Wat we supply

We provide reliable equipment and other accessories such as cheese presses (manual or pneumatic), brine tanks, pumps, cheese storage etc. All our equipment meets the up-to-date standards. Cheese vats can be manufactured with a capacity of 150 to 2,600 liters. These can either be controlled by a simple operation or almost fully automatic. We also supply all ingredients for dairy and cheese making. Our installations are installed all over the world and we have experience with transportation both home and abroad.


We have years of experience
We can advise you as to the best installation “tailored” to your own requirements based onthe products you want to make. Please contact us for advice. We try to think along with you to make your work as easy as possible. Both service and reliability are our high priority.

You can also count on us for maintenance and repair.
Wehave the capability to manufacture in both stainless steel and wood and therefore can produce other products for you. An example can be found on our project page.


Feel free to contact us for advice; we try to think along with you to make your work process as easy as possible!